lørdag den 14. januar 2012


I took this picture 10 minutes ago, and it is just absolutly breathtaking. How can you not think about life when you see this?
What happy life is to me;
To have good supportive friends and family, to laugh at stupid non-funny things, to accept the way i look, to lay in bed with a good book, to wet my pants of horrer, to hold hands, to have that "that just made my day"-feeling when school ends 5 minuts before usually, to spend a whole day doing nothing and still go to bed like "best day ever!!", to smile so much that you looks like a monkey and to take nice pictures and post them on my blog.
"The good life" do not have to be some poetic crap, it is all up to you.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vil du ikke lade være med at skrive på engelsk?
    Dine indlæg er bedre på dansk da du har lidt grammatikfejl og mange "for danskede" sætninger.

    Din blog er ellers super god!

  2. appreciate your honesty, but that is really up to me. And if you don't practice, you'll never get better.

  3. Hej - super fin blog, følger dig nu :)

  4. Agree with "Anonym"..